Business Development Experts and Sales Specialists

Lead Qualifying , Lead Nurturing  and Lead Closing
What Do We Do?
We manage and close your inbound sales leads.
We are a professional sales services organizaton that works with clients to  qualify sales leads, nurture sales leads for closure  and provide full outsourced sales solutions. As we are a small business, just like our clients, we understand what it means to be a small business. As such, and in keeping in touch with this understanding, we are geared  towards small to midsize companies, and we work specifically on sales transactions valued under one hundred thousand dollars in sales revenue.
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Our Team
Your Sales Partners.
    Bill Morabito
    Founder and CEO Bill Morabito is a professional sales executive and entrepreneur with fifteen years experience in a wide variety of industries and sectors.
  Sales qualification, nurturing and closure.
Sales, Leads, Business Development, Inbound
Your business is growing and  leads are starting to ramp up. Do you double down and do twice the work  or do you hire more employees?   By partnering with BIZDEV, LLC, you have a third option - a way to qualify, nurture and close those leads without having to incur the costs of  hiring and retaining employees. Our ideal clients are start-ups and small to mid- size businesses that are expanding due to new product launches, new market penetration strategies or sales resource gaps.